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Greetings Patrons of the Edmore School District

Greetings Parents/Guardians:


                The second semester classes are under way and students are working hard on their studies in spite of suffering from the cold winter days. Our elementary students have about had their fill of having indoor recess as a result of the wind chills. I think everyone is hoping that our temperatures warm up for the month of March and some of the snow begins to melt.

                Congratulations to the girls’ basketball team for achievement of Region Champions. They have now earned an opportunity to play at the State tournament held in Grand Forks.  I hope everyone will make the trip to the State tournament to support the team.

Technology in Education     

                For those of us older than 50 we have and continue to live through an ever-changing world. Our parents and grandparents lived through hearing about the first flight of the Wright brothers to flying commercially at an affordable cost.  Although commercial flights were common place to us growing up the flight industry went through an evolutionary process including the establishment of rules and guidelines regarding air travel. The result of these guidelines is an industry that is one of safest in the world. If we were to experience an airline crash a full investigation would take place and corrective actions implemented to ensure an accident of that nature would not occur again.

In more recent times we have been part of a world-wide web evolution. Social media is just one aspect of an ever-changing technological world that people are exposed to on a daily basis. Unlike the airline industry guidelines for the use of social media is in the infant stages and continues to evolve.  Individuals post opinions about other people and also about institutions without any verification of facts. Bystanders read these posts and repost the misinformation.  The result of this behavior is a rumor mill that was once limited to the local morning coffee shop has now exploded to cover the globe in a short period of time. 

                Public institutions including K-12 education are all subject to the effects of irresponsible use of social media.  Elected school board members, administrators, teachers, and students are subjected to irresponsible posting of half-truths. These half-truths are reposted and within a few minutes to a few hours an entire community reads the half-truth.  Very seldom do school officials get a call or an email from a patron asking for the school district’s version of what occurred.  The potential result of this behavior is a group of individuals that read and actually believe the half-truth without any further investigation of the public institution’s perspective or the dismissal of the half-truth.

                What is the effect of the unchecked posting of half-truths on social media?  I could speculate that my observation is that the effect is a general disrespect for public institutions. This includes not only schools but also local, state, and federal government institutions as well.  What person would want to run for a school board, city council, county commissioner, or state legislative position knowing that he/she will constantly under scrutiny and subject to the posting of half-truths when this person ran for the position with the intentions of serving and making a positive contribution to their community? What young person would want to go into the field of education, or assume a leadership position in a public institution if he/she knew that the reward would be constant ridicule on social media?

                In the school setting we constantly work with our students to be respectful of each other. Our students are respectful but on occasion need correctives about their behavior. Our role as public educators is to help our students develop into responsible citizens so when they enter the post-secondary world they will want to make positive contributions to society. These contributions include responsible use of social media and the promotion of public institutions.

                I would ask the Edmore School District patrons to model responsible citizen behaviors to our students and promote public institutions and the people who serve these entities.

                On behalf of the Edmore school board, staff, and students, we would like to thank the Edmore patrons for their continued support of educating our children.



Frank Schill, Superintendent

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